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Midas infrastructure bases on Client/Server architecture. Entire system settings and monitoring features are managed through Enterprise Manager Application.

" First IP-based solution in Turkey : MIDAS "

Midas : The choice of professionals.

  • Reliable and robust infrastructure.
  • High performance.
  • Prepared with years of experience in a user-friendly interface.
  • Flexible integration facilities.
  • 500 channel capacity per server.
  • CTI support and "Free Seating" recording feature.
  • Optional modules.
  • Advanced search options.

  • Multiple Server Supprt

    Enterprise Manager enables communication flow among different Midas serves and/or other TELEBILGI applications running on your network. Thus provides users to be able to control their entire system through a single application. From a remote destination Midas can be connected over LAN or WAN to monitor live conversations or to playback achieves.

    Automatic Start Recording Features
  • Voice Triggering: The recording continues as long as there is a voice on the line. The recording automatically stops when there is silence over a certain period of time.

  • Time Triggering: During a certain time period each voice on the line is recorded.

  • Called/Caller ID Triggering: Depending on the criteria set the recording starts when a certain number is dialed or a call is received from a certain number.

  • Stream (Voltage) Triggering: When the handset is picked up, the voltage on the line changes. Midas automatically recognizes this change and starts recording. The recording stops with putting the handset back to its position.

  • CTI Triggering: The recording starts with the CTI data sent from the PBX.

  • " Ideal solution for call centers with optional modules such as
    Agent Performance Management, Agent Message Warning System"


    The client program offers users features such as: locating the last call on a chosen channel, real time listening and monitoring, note & comment entry while real time monitoring, channel short cuts, and many other useful, user friendly easy to use features. Multiple Midas servers can be processed using a single client program.

    Multiple Midas server support enables authorized personal to access, listen and monitor recordings from a central location.

    Multilevel authorizations can be assigned to users to live monitor and archive playback based on “Agent”, “Channel” and/or “Service Class”.

    Users can double click on the call for live monitoring and note & comment entry while monitoring. Later on a search can be made based on entered comments from Archive monitoring screen.

    Call information can be observed trough live monitoring screen. (Extension number, Name of the agent, Agent Login ID, Called ID, Called ID, ACD name, call duration, etc…)

    Activities on the channels (Talking, On Hold, Login, Log Off, Break, Avaliable, etc…) can be monitored live.

    " Easy to use, stylish design… "


    Listing of the archived recordings can be made based on Date, Channel name and/or Agent name. Thus enables users to access the desired recording faster. Additional to above listing options, a rich search criteria can be used:

  • Date/Time.
  • Duration.
  • Agent Name.
  • ACD Name.
  • PBX call number (Call ID).
  • Santral çağrı numarası ( Call ID).
  • Customer No, name etc.. (If CRM integration is available).
  • Entered notes & comments.

  • User Friendly GUI

    Highly developed user friendly graphical user interface enables users to locate desired calls efficiently and get detailed information regarding the call with multiple grouping options (Agent based average talk time, total talk time, etc…)


    Call Trend Analysis is another unique feature Midas offers to its users. With this feature authorized users can analyze calls by setting different parameters based on “Group Panel” or their own needs. Within these tables users can observe and examine “Average Talk Time”, “Average Response Time”, “Total Talk Time”, and many useful information that does not exist in any other digital voice recorder in the market. Not only that, the created tables can easily be transferred to Excel with “Transfer to Excel” feature to be edited in any format of your choice.


    The optional module “Telescope” offers users to create and design forms based on their own criteria. The users can set the questions, answers and the point values. Forms can be associated with voice recordings and/or number of calls


    " 7 days 24 hour non-stop work "

    CRM Integration

    Companies use CRM integration to add data such as “Customer Number” and/or “Company Name” on to the conversations made. Audio files recorded via Midas Web Service can also be exported to wav format to be used by other applications.

    Information Security and Compression Rate

    Midas uses the most common compression format known as “GSM” to compress and store audio signals to save space on the disc. A minute long conversation saved with GSM format consumes only 100 KB space on a disc. To ensure information security and to prevent audio files to be accessed via regular audio processing applications each file is encrypted with a unique algorithm designed by TELEBILGI. This is especially a crucial feature for places with a high level of security requirement such as police departments.

    Supported compression formats;

  • 13.3 Kbps GSM
  • 16/24/64 Kbps ADPCM
  • CTI Integration

    With CTI integration Midas offers many advanced features, one in particular: “Free Seating”. For Call Centers associating the call data with the agent information on to the conversation is an important necessity for supervisors to evaluate “Agent Performance”.

    Supported CTI integration;

  • TAPI
  • Avaya TSAPI / JTAPI
  • Cisco JTAPI
  • Nortel NCCT