TeleBilgi, one of the pioneers in Turkey, is a software development company providing value-added products and services in the IT sector. TeleBilgi has been serving to call centers, financial institutions, government agencies and many other companies that invest in technology and communications infrastructure, including CTI, IVR and Voice recording system.

TeleBilgi’s core advantage comes from its basic rule of listening customer needs & demands and with the power of its R&D activities to be able to develop customer oriented solutions. Rather than convincing the customer what the software can do, Telebilgi offers a flexible software infrastructure with powerful modules which creates a solution for the customer needs.

In 2005 TeleBilgi was established under the slogan "Communication Systems New Generation Solutions". With an R&D team of nearly 30 years of industry experience and knowledge, TeleBilgi developed Turkey's first IP-based Digital Audio Recording system, Midas. Thanks to the integration of Avaya TSAPI and Genesys TSLIB, Midas offers much more than expected from a recording device. Midas offers most necessary and essential reports for call centers with its easy to use and user-friendly interface.

With its Drag and Drop technology for easy design of a screenplay, DragNVoice IVR system offers flexible solutions for companies’ IVR needs. On a single PC, with its strong sub-structure DragNVoice IVR system can provide 7 / 24 non-stop service to up to 500 channels.